Atlas Coelestis - the Copernican System

Join us for Sospiri di Merula at the Twin Cities Early Music Festival on August 11th!

Sospiri del Celeste

Throughout history, musicians have been looking to the heavens for inspiration. The basis of Western harmony has even been ascribed to the movement of planetary bodies, from which a ‘music of the spheres’ was thought to emanate.

Sospiri invites you on a celestial journey through music from the middle ages, renaissance, and baroque, as we explore astronomical themes in songs about love, transformation, and even plague. From transcendent invocations, to poignant laments, Sospiri brings their signature bold approach to music of Marini, Dalza, Monteverdi, Strozzi, Lully, and others.

In partnership with the Bell Museum, we invite you to join us for a virtual concert, and then dive deeper into the concert’s astronomical themes and phenomena in a special presentation and discussion with Bell Museum planetarium educator Thaddeus LaCoursiere and members of Sospiri.

Thursday, June 24th, 2021
8pm CDT Virtual Concert Premiere (concert only)

June 24 – July 9
Concert available online

Thursday, July 8th, 2021
Bell Museum Virtual Event
7pm CDT Concert Reprise, 8pm Live Follow-up

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Nerea Berraondo, Mezzo-Soprano
Janna Kysilko,
Phillip Rukavina,
Archlute and Vihuela
Bruce Jacobs,
Portative Organ and Harpsichord
Joe Dolson,
Baroque Violin
Ginna Watson,
Baroque Violin, Vielle, and Rebec